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Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

First and foremost, when is Mother's Day in France? This year, it will take place on Sunday, June 4, 2023. Normally, Mother's Day is always celebrated on the last weekend of May, with one exception: if it coincides with Pentecost, Mother's Day is postponed to the following Sunday. That's the case for this year. If you want to know more, read our article about Mother's Day origins.

If you need inspiration, gift ideas for Mother's Day, you've come to the right place. What flowers to give, what gift to choose or make, or simply, what to do for Mother's Day? Prepare yourself with Euroflorist!

Which Flowers to give for Mother’s Day?

Giving flowers for Mother's Day is a must. But among all the flower varieties, it can be overwhelming. You may already know that flowers have their own language.

Here are some examples of the meanings of Spring flowers for Mother's Day so you can choose the ones that most closely match yours!

Peonies: They are the favorites for Mother's Day. Their opulent blooming and subtle fragrance make majestic peonies the ideal choice to pay tribute to your mom on Mother's Day. Symbolizing love, prosperity, and good fortune, peonies make a significant and authentic gift for your mother.

Roses: They remain the timeless queen of flowers, and Mother's Day is no exception! Roses carry deep love, and the wonderful thing is that they exist in an infinite variety of colors. Thus, you can match them to your mother's favorite decoration! If you want to express gratitude and admiration, opt for light pink roses, which symbolize gratitude, joy, and admiration.

Lilies: Can you find anything more elegant? Their imposing stature and powerful fragrance will eloquently testify to the love and admiration you have for your mother while beautifying her living space! In addition to symbolizing refinement, lilies also represent purity and innocence.

Lisianthus: They are an enchanting choice to celebrate Mother's Day. Their delicate petals and varied colors make them captivating flowers to offer to your mother. In the language of flowers, lisianthus symbolize appreciation, gratitude, and inner beauty. Offering lisianthus to your mom is an elegant way to express how much you appreciate her presence, kindness, and who she is deep down.

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

While offering a bouquet is undoubtedly the essential gift for Mother's Day, you can also add a more personalized gift to accompany it! Here are some gift ideas for Mother's Day that will surely delight her:

Here are some gift ideas for Mother’s Day that she’ll love for sure:

Write her a letter: Even though love is always present, reminding her of how strong your bonds are and how much you love her will only fill her with happiness. A letter is a precious gift that is preserved forever. If you need inspiration, check out our ideas for Mother's Day messages!

Offer her a mug: For a more artisanal gift, you can paint a beautiful mug of your choice, attach dried flowers to it, or even print a photo on it (the funnier, the better!).

Book a massage (together or just for her): Our mothers dedicate themselves to everyone and sometimes forget to think about themselves. A massage is the perfect gift to finally take some time for oneself and be pampered. She will be very grateful!

Print photos: Choose your favorites together and have them printed! It's always enjoyable to look at photos of joyful moments spent together and reminisce about good memories.

What to do for Mother’s Day?

4 activities to do on Mother’s Day

A romantic dinner: Yes, you read that right! Why not organize a charming candlelit dinner with your mom? Take this opportunity to cook a delicious meal together or prepare her favorite dishes and invite her to your place for a wonderful evening. Of course, going out to a restaurant is always an excellent option.

A walk in nature: There's nothing like a breath of fresh air to recharge. Find a beautiful spot in nature and take your mom for a walk. It will allow you to relax and share a moment of great quality.

A day at the market/shopping: Markets are pleasant places where you can stroll between stalls, taste products, and discover lovely local creations. Take advantage of this shared moment with your mother to treat yourselves. Then, go shopping, it's always enjoyable!

A cultural outing: Attend a theater play, a ballet performance, or visit an exhibition. The possibilities for spending extraordinary moments together are numerous! And when it comes to culture, there's something for every taste. Look for the most original exhibitions to experience a memorable moment!

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