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Terms & conditions for Easter delivery

Terms & conditions for Easter delivery

For Easter, a typical family event, we offer same day delivery with local florists covering the whole country and express 24h delivery of flowers & gifts by courier.
We guarantee delivery for Easter, if you place your order before 10am on Sunday 1st April.
Orders placed after these deadlines will be processed and delivered as soon as possible based on remaing stock and opening hours of our florists, potentially until Tuesday 3rd April as most of French florists are closed on Monday 2nd for Easter Monday (bank holiday). Due to extra business in our florists, we cannot guarantee any delivery time. Your Easter flowers will be delivered within the day.
Before each flower delivery, our florist will contact the recipient to ensure his/her presence. In case of absence, the florist leaves a message card inviting the person to contact the florist back to arrange a new delivery.
Our offer for Easter, it is also a range of flowers and gifts delivered in boxes by courier within 24hrs.
For those items, we guarantee delivery on March.31st for orders placed before 5pm on March 30th. No box deliveries are made on Sunday, nor Monday April 2nd & Tuesday 3rd.
Our partners, Chronopost and TNT, are not allowed to call the recipient before delivery or give a specific delivery time. Due to extra volume for that specific day, deliveries can be made between 8am to 5pm on Saturday 31st March.
During this peak period (27/03-31/03), we can not make any changes in the order nor cancel any orders within 72h notice before delivery date.