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Flower Care Tips

Flowers bring a touch of colour and vitality to our living spaces. Whether they adorn our gardens, balconies or interiors, flowers captivate our senses and brighten up our daily lives. However, they have specific needs that require attention and care. Whether you're a novice gardener or an experienced enthusiast looking to hone your skills, Euroflorist gives you all the essential maintenance advice you need to ensure your flowers bloom with radiance.

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Cut flower care tips for long-lasting blooms!

schone vaas

Use a clean vase or container suitable to the size of your bouquet.

bloemen en water geven

Fill in the vase with water at room temperature and if possible add flowerfood specific for cut flowers.

bladeren verwijderen

Remove leaves that come into direct contact with the water in the vase to avoid mold.

snijd de stengels

Cut the stems (about 5 cm) at an angle with a sharp knife (avoid breaking or cutting them with scissors).

bloemen niet in het zonlicht plaatsen

Do not place your flowers in direct sunlight, near a heat source or near fruits.

ververs het water

Re-fill the vase with water or change the water as often as every other day. In that case, don't forget to add flower food..