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Rose Care Tips

Our florists reveal their tips and tricks for enjoying the queen of flowers, her majesty the rose, who needs very special attention!

How do you look after your roses to make them last as long as possible?

Pfingstrosen Pflege

When you buy or receive roses, don't remove the packaging straight away. Make sure there are no leaves or thorns protruding from the stems.


Put lukewarm water (approx. 50-60°) in a clean vase and add a cut-flower preservative. Use a knife or pruning shears to cut about 2 cm off the stems. This step is essential for better absorption of the preservative's water and nutrients - the more water your roses have, the longer they'll last.

Pfingstrosen Pflege

Then quickly arrange the roses in the vase with the wrapping, so that the stems don't have time to absorb air (it's the air in the stem that makes the roses wilt). The air bubbles rise from the stem to the head of the rose, which softens and ends up nosing over!


After about 30 minutes, you can remove the packaging and, if necessary, add lukewarm water. Don't hesitate to change the water as soon as it becomes cloudy, not forgetting to add preservative for cut flowers and to recut the stems if necessary. Don't place your roses in direct sunlight, near a heat source or next to fruit or vegetables.