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Birthday Gift Ideas for a Woman

Finding an original birthday gift for a woman is not always easy! And without falling into old stereotypes about what women might like, we want to provide you with inspiration to find birthday gift ideas for a woman that are unique, heartfelt, and made with care. This is an article for women, written by women.

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Original Gift Ideas for a Woman's Birthday

If giving a bouquet is the obvious gift, you can also add a more original gift for a woman's birthday!

Here are a few original gift ideas:

Book her a treatment or massage: according to one study, 22% more women than men say they suffer from stress. This can be explained by the fact that women face greater daily pressure and more criticism of their skills. An hour's massage or body or facial treatment can be a great way to switch off and relax. What's more, it's not always something you're going to think about for yourself, and that can be all the more appreciated.

Book a workshop/unusual activity: perfume creation, pastry-making, treasure hunts, sculpture or painting - there's a wide range of creative activities to get you out of your daily routine!

Print photos: choose your favorites and have them printed! It's always fun to look at photos of happy times spent together and recall fond memories.

Write her a letter: a letter is a precious gift that you can keep forever. Words consciously put down on paper are worth all the text messages in the world!

A personalized gift: have a tote bag, mug, T-shirt or piece of jewelry flocked! It can be funny or full of emotion, and it'll always please the person who can keep it in their memory!

Birthday Gift Ideas for a Woman's 60th Birthday

Finding a gift idea to celebrate a woman's 60th shouldn't be taken lightly! Here are few inspirations:

Organize a family photo shoot: organizing a professional photo shoot for her and her loved ones can be a wonderful idea to mark a woman's 60th birthday.

A box subscription: you can take out a subscription for her to receive a monthly box that matches her tastes or hobbies. Wine, cosmetics, good pastries - there's plenty to choose from!

60th Birthday Flowers

Birthday Gift Ideas for a Woman's 50th Birthday

To celebrate a woman's 50th birthday, here are a few ideas for birthday gifts:

Go on a retreat: there are a wide variety of wellness retreats available today, a real opportunity to get away from it all. Meditation, yoga, hiking, thrills, pilates - there's something for everyone, and it's sure to make a lasting impression!

Wine tasting: book a wine tasting tour or private session with an oenologist - always a good idea!

50th Birthday Flowers

Birthday Gift Ideas for a Woman's 40th Birthday

A tech object: a tablet, an e-book or a smart home device can be an ideal gift to give a woman for her 40th birthday. It's a useful gift, ideal for everyday life.

A gourmet basket : give her a basket filled with the gourmet products she loves! Take a trip to a delicatessen and choose high-quality sweet or savoury products. Except for special occasions, this is not something you're used to having at home, and she'll be able to keep it for moments of pleasure!

40th Birthday Flowers

Birthday Gift Ideas for a Woman's 30th Birthday

It's often said that turning 30 is like turning 20 but with money 😉 Here are some inspiring gift ideas to give a woman for her 30th birthday.

A cocktail preparation kit: quelques jolies bouteilles de spiritueux, le kit de préparation de cocktails et d’élégants verres à cocktails, c’est le genre de chose qui fait plaisir, dans lequel on n’investit pas forcément de soi-même donc parfaite à offrir !

A donation to charity: a gift that's becoming more and more popular, making a donation to the charity that's closest to the person's heart. A meaningful gift.

30th Birthday Flowers

Which flowers for women’s birthday?

Giving flowers for a birthday is a must for its simplicity, beauty and sweetness. But when you know how to make flowers speak, giving flowers for a woman's birthday is even more eloquent.

Here are a few examples of the meanings of flowers to help you choose the ones that will best speak to the birthday girl in your life!

Cornflowers : this flower is often associated with poetry and delicacy. It also evokes shyness. A thoughtful gift for the recipient, it's a lovely way to respect his or her shy personality.

Camellias: this generous flower is native to Japan and symbolizes perfection in that country. It's also associated with a sense of admiration, a flower that speaks volumes about the message to be conveyed!

Lilies: the lily is said to have been born from Eve's tears when she had to leave the Garden of Eden. This majestic flower expresses the purity and grandeur of feelings. A noble message to send to the woman in your life on her birthday.

Carnations: in Portugal, this flower symbolizes freedom. It's also associated with sincerity and a long-lasting relationship!

Roses : white evokes refinement and respect. Pink, it symbolizes the power of femininity. Red, they evoke passion and eroticism.

Sunflowers: this summer flower symbolizes excess, perfect for celebrating your wild side and boundless energy!

Violets: in ancient times, this flower was used to cover the bed of newlyweds. It's beautifully associated with discretion and well-kept secrets. A subtle symbol of support!

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