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Public Limited Company with a capital of 1 100 000 €, registered by the RCS of Le Mans under N° B415 068 774, SIRET 415 068 774 000 33 and represented by its CEO, Magnus Silfverberg, EuroFlorist France SAS is the only trustee of the EuroFlorist and Téléfleurs brands for France and Overseas Territories. The florist member of the EuroFlorist network undertakes to ensure his/her customers' satisfaction thanks to his/her professionalism, the products and services' quality he/she brings to.
EuroFlorist is making sure that every florist of its network is respecting the commitments duly signed between both parties.
EuroFlorist is pledging itself to respect the consumer's rights and to make the possible litigations or complaints ending in, to better serve the customers' interests.

The Web User Customer:
Placing an order involves the entire membership, without any reserve, on the part of the web user customer to the general terms of sales, except for any other document issued by Euroflorist which would get therefore nothing more than an indicative value.
The web user customer who place a floral relay order with Euroflorist knows that :
" he wants a bouquet or a floral arrangement to be delivered to a distant recipient. This bouquet or flower arrangement will be complied by a filling florist located close to the recipient,
" the delivered products may be different according to the season of the year, the supplies of the filling florist, on local usages. The pictures showed on Euroflorist website only have an illustrative value and are not contractual,
" the information given by the purchasing client when placing his/her order is committing himself/herself, and therefore in case of mistaking in the recipient's coordinates writing, Euroflorist along with the florist, would not be responsible in any cases for the impossibility in delivering the product,
" on some important celebrating days : Mother's day, Grand-Mother's day, it is impossible to guarantee the delivery hour of the bouquet or the flower arrangement,
" the credit card is the only means of payment authorized on Euroflorist website. EuroFlorist and CAISSE D'EPARGNE both ensure payment safety,
" the order is definitive only when confirmed by the purchasing client's settlement, knowing that payment by credit card sets off a systematic debit authorization request and that any refusal, whatever the cause may be, entails the giving up of this particular order from part of Euroflorist,
" in case of unsatisfaction, the customer must first express in writing his/her criticisms next to and if the problem still exists to :
EuroFlorist France – Customer service – 7 rue Nicolas Appert – F-72200 La Flèche
any claim concerning the delivered product, as long as it deals with a perishable product, should be lodged at most within 2 (two) days following the delivery date.
The website is Euroflorist's group property, which ensures its daily running. The website proposes a wide range of bouquets or flower arrangements coming from the Euroflorist floral guide.
The information on Euroflorist website is aimed at helping the web user to make his/her own choice in the best conditions as possible as well as in total consciousness.
The mentioned prices of the products are all taxes and delivery costs by the filling florist included, with a VAT rate prevailing at the moment of placing of the order, excluding delivery fees of 11.99 euros for delivery within France & DOM-TOM and 15 euros for foreign delivery.

The Filling Florist and Deliverer:
The filling florist, member of the Euroflorist network, undertakes to ensure the complete satisfaction of its customers thanks to his/her professionalism and his/her services and products quality.
Euroflorist is making sure that the contractual commitments signed by every florist of its network are fully respected.
The filling florist has to :
" execute the order as indicated in the order form and price. If the order can not be made in accordance with the order form, the filling florist will deliver the order at best to customer's interest,
" hand over the recipient the possible message given by the purchasing web client at the moment of the delivery,
" make the delivery note signed by the recipient,
" when the recipient is absent, a note must be left at the recipient's address inviting him to visit his/her shop to come and take the bouquet or the flower arrangement away.
When there is a mourning (cemetery, church, temple, crematorium) or a delivery in a public place (hospital, clinic, rest pension, retirement pension, hotel, maternity hospital, town hall ...), the purchasing client must clearly bears in mind that the delivery note cannot be supplied to him on his demand, due to some difficulties for the filling florist in such places.
The possible excesses in the delivery dates cannot entail any damages.

The Recipient:
The recipient or his representative who is present, must signed the delivery note given by the filling florist.
In case of the recipient's absence or if he is not represented, the recipient has to get in touch with the filling florist whose address is appearing on the note, and he has to come as soon as possible to the florist's shop in order to take his bouquet or his flower arrangement away. The second delivery from part of the filling florist is not compulsory.
The withdrawal of the bouquet or the flower arrangement must be done within 2 (two) days, because of the perishable nature of the flowers.
If the preservation limits are exceeded when the recipient shows himself, the flowers will not be delivered and the order will be considered as carried out.
The recipient unsatisfied with his bouquet or his flower arrangement, has to express his criticisms to the filling florist at most within 24 hours.
If any possible litigation still exists, because not settled with the filling florist, it has to be communicated in writing to :
Euroflorist France – Customer service – 7 rue Nicolas Appert – F-72200 La Flèche
Any claim concerning the delivered product should be lodged at most within 2 (two) days following the delivery date.
In accordance with the "Loi Informatique et Liberté" of 6 January 1978, the purchasing client and the recipient have a free access and an adjustment right concerning their own nominal datas. These collected datas are necessary to the good carrying out of the order from part of the filling florist.
The time-limit to communicate these datas is within 10 days.
The adjustment demand must be done by mail to
Euroflorist France – Customer service – 7 rue Nicolas Appert – F-72200 La Flèche
The datas' adjustment time-limit is within 10 days.
Euroflorist is committing itself not to transmit the collected datas to third parties, apart from the datas which are necessary to the carrying out and the delivery of your order.

Order confirmation
Confirmation of your order will be sent to you by email.

Actual flowers may vary depending on availability in certain regions. Pictures of extra items (i.e. vase, greeting card) represent the type of product available and the actual item delivered by the florist may vary. Euroflorist can not guarantee product design for international orders.

Pictures of add-ons (e.g. vase, greeting card) represent the type of product available and the actual item delivered by the florist/courier may differ from the picture you see on the website. Any free promotional items are limited to one per order per customer. Promotional items and free gifts are subject to availability, we will not be held liable for non-delivery of a free or promotional gift. If out of stock, the free promotional addon will be replaced by a similar one.

Delivery times
For orders placed before 3:30 pm Monday-Friday & before 3:00 pm on Saturday your floral gift will be delivered on the same day throughout the country. Euroflorist cannot guarantee deliveries on Sundays and public holidays. The florist may choose to deliver the flowers the day before or the following weekday for order requested to be delivered on Sundays or public holidays. The time of delivery may vary as the florists have different agreements with their delivery companies.
Attention: the deliveries abroad are not possible on Sundays. They are carried out the first following working day.

Delivery Conditions
The customer takes full responsibility that the recipient delivery information is complete and correct, and if there is a delay in the delivery due to incorrect or incomplete information provided by the customer, the order will not be refunded.
When you place an order you have an option to instruct the florist if the recipient is not home to leave the flowers at the door of the recipient or with a neighbor. Depending on the weather the florist will decide whether or not to leave the flowers at the door. Euroflorist will not be responsible if the flowers are stolen and the order will not be refunded.
If you did not instruct the florist to leave the flowers at the door or at the neighbor when you placed the order and the delivery is delayed, the order will not be refunded.
If you do not indicate to have the flowers left on the door or with a neighbor when you place the order, the florist will contact the recipient to arrange redelivery.
Box products are delivered by TNT or Chronopost, express delivery courier company. The delivery is done within 24 hours between 8-13 h. If the recipient is not at home, and if all security conditions are filled, the courier company can leave the box at the door or to a neighbor. When there is no possibility to leave the box, the courier company leaves a message with contact instructions to organize an other delivery the following day or the recipient can pick the box directly.

Mode of delivery
For a product from our guide floral collection and network, the flowers will be delivered to the recipient by our local florists at the recipient’s door. If you selected a box product delivered by a courier company, the delivery will be done either by our partner TNT or Chronopost within 24 hours.

We ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice to make any changes. If you are requesting any changes on the date of delivery or the date before, we will make every effort though we can't guarantee this.
At busy periods, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, the minimum time required may be extended to 72 hours. Due to the volume of orders being processed, deliveries may be prepared and organized in good time and so some changes may not be possible.

Note : Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the following measures are applied by

our local producer and courier partners :

• Deliveries in some cities may no longer be possible due to restriction access in some regions or closed agencies 
• Delivery time may be changed and not guaranteed. Our courier partners are doing their best but sometimes delivery may be postponed
• Usual cut off time set at 5 p.m. Monday to Friday and 10 a.m. on Saturday may be changed without notice depending on the situation and availability from our local producer
• The products delivered may vary depending on the assortment available. Yet we assure you that we do our best to respect colors, shape and value
• Courier can leave the flowers at doorstep or any other secured place to avoid any direct contact with the recipient. As a consequence a delivery signature won’t be possible.

Our local florists:

* we can not guarantee the moment of delivery you selected, it can be during the day.
* the delivered item may be a bit different from what you ordered according to flower assortment available on flowershop and fresh flower delivery to our florists
* we may need to close some cities and cancel some orders at the last minute. We aplogize for it. If that happens you will be informed and your order will be fully paid back.

We thank you for your understanding and support.

International deliveries
We deliver flowers to most countries in the world with a few exceptions, such as war zones. If there is a large time difference we need the order the day before the delivery. The orders are handled during business hours.

Privacy policy
Following to the “Loi Informatique et Liberté of 6th January 1978”, the buyer and the recipient both have an access and change right regarding their respective personal data which were collected only to be able to guarantee the execution and delivery of the order by the filling florist. After request sent to the company, there is a 10 days notice to update the information. All change request should be sent by mail at Euroflorist France – 7 Rue Nicolas Appert –F- 72200 La Flèche
Euroflorist guarantee that all personal data collected are not given to any other partners or companies and are only used for the execution and delivery of the order.

Order cancellation
As a customer ordering flowers and gifts on the site you have the possibility to cancel an order and be paid back for it within 14 days from the day the order was paid. However if at the moment when the customers asks for a cancellation, the filling florist has already started to prepare the product as described in the order form or has involved any costs for it (order of specific flowers, accessories or container for example) or when it’s a box product delivered by a courier, the order has already been taken by the courier company, Euroflorist may have to keep part or full value of the amount already paid by the customer as a compensation for the costs already engaged and the work already done by the filling florist. If the customer requests a change in the order (product change, delivery place, delivery date), additional costs may be requested if these changes need extra fees or extra additional work from the filling florist.

Refund policy and complaint
1. Refunds may occasionally be given at the discretion of the management after filling a complaint formulaire
2. Our customers benefit from a satisfaction policy to guarantee the execution of the order and the freshness of the products delivered
3. If products are damaged or faulty, because of the perishable nature of products associating flowers and fresh greenery, you are advised to make any complaint within 1 working day of the delivery date of your products. Your complaint should be sent to our customer service, either by email or by normal mail to Euroflorist France - 7 rue Nicolas Appert – 72200 La Flèche. The customer has to enclose as many details as possible regarding the complaints such as pictures, especially if the complaints refers to the freshness or the quality of the delivered product. Euroflorist will manage the complaint as soon as possible and within 14 days maximum.
4. The customer is responsible for the information given when ordering on and especially details regarding address and recipient’s name. Any complaint that may result from a wrong information given by the buyer will not be received and the order will be considered as executed. No refund, either partial or total, will be possible.
5. If non perishable products are damaged or faulty, the customer is advised to make any complaint with 2 working days and contact Euroflorist by email or by normal mail Euroflorist France – service client – 7 rue Nicolas Appert – 72200 La Flèche and return the product. We will inspect all products returned to us as faulty or damaged. If we discover that they are not faulty or damaged we may recharge you for the products and the costs incurred by us. If the faulty or damaged product is confirmed so, If you want a refund not a repair or replacement we will refund you the price and the delivery costs and the costs of returning it to us. Please send us a receipt for the return postage costs.
6. To be taken into account, a complaint or communication to our service should have the order payment id (starting with FRTF). You must quote this number in all correspondence. If you do not use this reference, it may delay our response to you.

Retractation right and policy
According to customer protection law, you have a retractation right on your order without giving any explanation, with a 14 days notice following the day when your order has been paid.
1. Non Perishable products
Any order with non perishable products associating flowers or vegetal element, you have a 14 days retractation right from the day your order has been placed and paid. You can contact us by email or mail us Euroflorist France – customer service  – 7 rue Nicolas Appert – 72200 La Flèche. Following to this you have 14 days to return the non perishable products ordered (with original packing, in a perfect condition of use) at your own costs. Right after receiving the non perishable products returned we will proceed to the refund of the order within 14 days. No cost will be charged for the refund.
2. Perishable products and no retractation right
The customers are informed that following to article L121-21-8 4° of the Code de la Consommation, products containing flowers and greenery are quickly perishable goods and as a consequence no retractation right applies in that case. This means that all orders of perishable products placed at with a delivery deadline less than this legal 14 days will be considered as done and complete and thus no retractation right may be requested.

Protection of minors
When ordering at site, the customer has the possibility to add other floral or non floral gifts such as teddys, vases, food (chocolates, candies, cookies…) or alcohol drinks. Following to the regulation it’s strictly forbidden to sell alcohol to minors (aged less than 18 years). All mandatory information are clearly specified in the product description and the information given by the ordering customers are under his/her responsabilities. The ordering customer and the receiver of the products containing alcohol certify that they are more than 18 years old.

Changing the delivery date and delivery address
In periods of high activity ( Christmas, Valentine 's Day,  Grandmother’s Day , Mother’s Day) we cannot take into account the change of the the delivery date, delivery address or a cancelation  72 hours before the delivery day .

Payment and security
You have several payment options to choose from and security of payment via our website is of the highest order. As a company VIP Member, you have the option of paying by invoice. To be approved for payment by invoice, we will run a credit check when you make your first purchase.

If you are not satisfied
Please contact the florist that delivered the flowers (look for the name on the wrapping paper or address label) with your complaint as soon as possible after delivery. If you have any further problems, please contact Euroflorist by email at, by phone +33 252 888 000 or by using the Live Chat function in the website.

Fraudulent orders
All acts of deception and fraudulent orders will be reported to the police.

Discount code
If you have received a Discount Code you are responsible for it. You can use the discount code for one purchase only. Please contact us if you have difficulties using the code.


Neither we, nor any courier or postal service that we use shall be liable for any failure to perform, where such failure or delay results from any circumstances outside our reasonable control including but not limited to any fire, flood, explosion, accident, adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown, obstruction of any private or public highway, riot, government act, act of war, terrorism, act of God, or from any industrial dispute or strike whatsoever.

Downloading any material form the website is at your own risk.
We process e-mail and orders during our opening hours (Monday-Friday 9:00-12:30 & 13:45-18:00, Saturday 09.00-12.30 & 13.45-15.00. We are not open on Sunday).