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Valentine's Day Flowers: This Is What You Need To Know

All you need for Valentine's Day is love... and flowers!

According to IPOS-Insight FloralTrends Consumer Tracking Study, 92% of women remember the last time they received flowers and 86% said that flowers make them feel special. So, if you are asking yourself if you should give flowers to your loved one(s) for Valentine's Day? YES of course! We are going to tell you everything you need to know about Valentine flowers and by continuing to read you'll even learn a lot about the Valentine's celebration!

Which flowers are on offer, what colour(s) to choose for what occassion, where does Valentine's Day come from...? Come and join us into the romantic world of Valentine's Day. Have you already decided that you'll go for roses? Lead about the meaning of rose colour and quantity in our Rose Guide.

If you wonder which gift you can give for Valentine's Day, we've selected the 3 favourite Valentine's types of gifts from our webshop below. Do you want to be original this year? Send flowers on February 12 with a note: "Will you be my Valentine?"

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This Is How You Choose The Perfect Colour For You Valentine's Day Flowers

  • Red : By far the most popular colour and the absolut classic. Red is the colour of love, passion and romance. Yes, it's very eye-catching. Red symbolizes courage and respect too!
  • WhiteßBeautiful constrast with all red flowers you see for Valentine's Day! Fresh, beautiful, pure and simple. Perfect for new relationships!
  • PinkA light shade of the colour red, so still a colour of love. Many shades, from modern blush pink to bright pink roses, which allows you to adapt the colour to the personality of the recipient!
  • Purple Often associated with royalty, purple exudes elegance, appreciation and respect. Perfect for a strong person you want to show your appreciation to.

5 Questions About Valentine's Day

Do you know what the most frequent asked questions are about Valentine's Day? Here they are, and we've answered them right away for you!

1. When is Valentine's Day 2022?

No worries, you are not the only one who does not know when Valentine's Day is. Don't believe us? According to Google, it is the most frequently asked question about Valentine's Day! The answer is: Tuesday, 14 February, 2023. This is the day Saint Valentine of Rome died in 269. The day was created in his honour.

2. What To Put On Your Valentine's Day Card? 5 Ideas For Your Message!

  1. You make me smile every single day. I Love You!
  2. My darling, I love you.
  3. I love you because you are the way you are.
  4. Happy Valentine's Day my love!
  5. You are my partner, best friend and my safe haven. I never want to spend day without you!
  6. You are the place where I feel safe. You are my everything.

3. What's The Origin Of Valentine's Day?

There have been different stories around Valentine's Day throughout the years and together they form the story we know today. St. Valentine was a Catholic priest in Rome in the 3rd century. During this period, more and more Romans were converting to Christianity, but Emperor Claudius II devised various laws to prevent this. He believed that Romans should dedicate their lives to Rome and forbade his soldiers to marry. St. Valentine married these soldiers in secret, which made him a true believer in love.

Eventually, his secret was discovered and he was imprisoned. In prison he cared for his fellow prisoners and is said to have given a girl back her sight. He wrote her a love note, just before his execution, saying 'from your Valentine'. He was executed on 14 February 269.

4. What To Gift On Valentine's Day?

Top 5 gift ideas. Flowers are in the top 5 most popular gifts for Valentine's Day, this is the full top 5:

  1. A Personal Gift (e.g. a poem)
  2. Care Products (e.g. cosmetics)
  3. Flowers (our absolute favourite!) 
  4. Jewellery
  5. Chocolate (to snack on together while watching a romantic movie)
  6. Perfume

5. 10 Ideas For What To Do On Valentine's Day!

  1. A romantic breakfast in bed
  2. A little road trip to a lovely city nearby or into nature
  3. Exchange love letters
  4. Have a romantic movie night together
  5. Cook yourselves a delivious meal and open a good bottle of wine
  6. Book a private yoga class for couples
  7. Go for a long walk
  8. Stream a virtual concert
  9. Or simply send a flower bouquet with Euroflorist ;)

Help! Which Flower Do You Give For Valentine's Day?

Choosing the right Valentine's flowers is not easy, especially if you don't know what your partner's favourite flower is. With these flowers, you are always on the right track!

Roses - By far the most popular, but what if you skip them this year?

Laissez-nous vous guider pour faire plaisir à votre Valentin·e sans roses. Vous allez gagner des points en créativité car bien qu’elles soient magnifiques, les roses sont très traditionnelles. L’un des gros soucis des roses pour la Saint-Valentin, c’est leur prix. La demande mondiale est si élevée que les prix flambent chaque année en février ! Il arrive même que la qualité ne soit pas au rendez-vous… Alors si vous voulez utiliser votre budget de façon futée, choisissez autre chose que des roses pour la Saint-Valentin !

Lilies They are a wonderful alternative because of their elegant appearance and wonderful fragrance. The whole room is filled with their scent, a constant reminder of the great gift. Doubting between perfume or flowers for Valentine's Day? Choose lilies and kill two birds with one stone!

Wildflowers They stand for freedom, freshness and fun. Make your partner happy with a fresh bouquet of wildflowers that radiates joie de vivre!

Tulips Radiating elegance and grace, red tulips are a symbol of perfect love. Did you know that the soft heart of a tulip represents the heart of your beloved? They are also the symbol of the Dutch spring. Bring joy to your loved ones with tulips!

Plants Want to be original? A plant is just the thing for you! With the right care, a plant can last a lifetime. Do you want to show your partner that you want to share the rest of your life with them? Give a plant as a gift and enjoy it together!